Hey Kids, Comics! #160 - Toylandia: WTF (Weird Toy Forum)

You Are Now Leaving Toylandia

Welcome to the final chapter of the Toylandia story arc!  What an arc it has been!  Mego toys, Marvel and DC action figure lines, and the storied history of Superman as the "Man of Plastic"!  

This week it is time to get down and funky with the strangest, most bizarre comic book themed toys you will ever find.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined this week by special guest Jordan Waag.  Join this intrepid trio as they brave the Aisle of Misfit Toys yet again.

Beyond the awful big-ass Marvel figures of yesteryear are some crazy choices when it comes to marketing toys that persist to this very day!  Naturally in addition to the mainstream, Hey Kids Comics will "Bring on the Bootlegs!" with a variety of knockoff and unlicensed toys in the mix.

As an added bonus, Jordan offers an introduction of the technology of the home 3D printer with modeling tips and buying suggestions for those keen on conjuring up their own creations!  All of this leading in to next week's big Christmas wish list issue!