The Rantcor Pit #44 - The First Time Ever I Saw Star Wars Part 1: A Long Time Ago

Welcome back to "the Pit"!  After a hiatus for the holidays, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are back in action and ready to talk some Star Wars!
This outing it is all about the how fans got their introduction to the Star Wars Saga.  For some it was in the theater back in 1977, for others their entree into that Galaxy Far, Far Away was in the form of VHS tapes.  Generations have now shared in the experience in vastly different ways.

Cole and Eddie are joined this week by two fellow fans who had vastly differing origins for their introductions to Star Wars.  David Bunds, a high school friend of Cole's recalls many a vivid memory from the late 70s forward.  Midnight Movie Cowboys co-host Hunter Duesing brings his unique false start to the table as he conjures up quite a tale of discovering a love for the Saga.

This episode is a prelude to the 45th edition of this show which will feature a variety of guests of all ages exploring this same topic.  Every generation has a story.  We hope to share as many as possible.

Bonus:  Hearken back to 1977 with these great Star Wars television commercials!