Hey Kids, Comics! #166 - The Breakaways

Welcome comic fans and collectors to Hey Kids, Coimcs! latest issue!  While this may not prove to be a big breakaway episode, it will definitely be an exploration of breakaway characters in comics!

As we enter an era in comics where every character is created with potential marketability in mind it is easy to forget that at times some background characters used to shine beyond the original intentions and become some of the most popular within the publisher's corral.  

There was, however, a time when obscure or almost ignored characters would suddenly come back and shine beyond any expectations.  Or a bit part character that would capture the imagination of readers to the point that their popularity would soar.  While this does still occur to this day, it is rare to find a true breakaway with so many characters being engineered for success and popularity.

Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they explore the characters that realized unexpected potential in the pages of comics.

Apologies to Lockheed, we somehow forgot you!