The Rantcor Pit #46 - Not a Toy

Welcome back to The Rantcor Pit!  Hot on the heels of the live stream of The Rantcor Pit Live today, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are happy to bring you a special edition of "The Pit".  

Special returning guest David Bunds joins the fun down in Jabba's dungeon with a show that was inspired by him pointing out an article about Gary Kurtz leaving the Star Wars franchise after The Empire Strikes Back.  Citing concerns that Lucas' artistic vision was more driven by toys and other licensing concerns, the producer determined to leave the franchise.

Explore this story as well as the aftermath that certainly had an effect on many aspects of the production of the Prequel Trilogy.  Collectibles merchandising became an over arching element in the decisions made within the production of the Saga.  In addition, a brewing "controversy" in the merchandising realm is also discussed.