Hey Kids, Comics! #167 - The Big House

The Pokey.  The Coop.  The Hole.  “Up the river”.  The Can.  The Slammer.  The Clink.  The Gulag.  Lockup.  The Hoosgow.  The Cooler.  Stir.  The Joint.   The block.  The Joint.  The Calaboose.  The Quad (Scotland only).  And, yes, the Big House. 

Call it what you will, even in Scotland, prison is just no kind of place that anyone wants to call home.  Incarceration, necessary evil that it is, tends to be what the “bad guys” try to avoid at all cost.  In comic books it is no different.  From the henchmen and minor players who do all the leg work to the greatest criminal minds the world has ever known, “Get Out of Jail” is the card that every villain, crook, or Lothario hopes to draw.

Yet thanks to those meddling kids super heroes, pretty much everybody - from the lowly Paste-Pot Petes and Magpies to the vaunted Green Goblins and Jokers – winds up behind bars at some point in their career!  So once you have the worst super-villains in history in custody, where do you put them? 

It is this question that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston seek to explore as the discuss comics’ “other revolving door” (death being the primary one), the super-prison.  From Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison to The Raft and Project Pegasus, when it comes to putting away the powerful inmates, there have been some unique solutions, some more effective than others.