Hey Kids, Comics #168 - Creator Spotlight #5: John Byrne

It's "SPOTLIGHT" Time Again!

After nearly a year it was time to shine the HKC! Spotlight on a favorite comic creator.  It has been too long.  Far too long, in fact, as the focus of this issue is an artist and writer who is long overdue for an in-depth exploration.  None other than John Byrne!

As creators go, Byrne brings far more than an average body of work to the table.  His work on Uncanny X-Men helped cement the popularity of that title after its initial revival under Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.  From there Byrne's art and writing became a staple of Marvel comics with his influence being felt in titles such as West Coast Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, and a ground-breaking run on Fantastic Four.  

Speaking of ground-breaking, John Byrne took on the insurmountable task of resetting the 50 year history of DC Comics' flagship character, Superman.  Making the jump from Marvel to DC would see him lending his remarkable talents to the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman.  In the midst of all of this he continued to create his own original work and even wrote a novel!