The Rantcor Pit Live #45 - See 3PO, R2 Too

This episode of The Rantcor Pit Live, the first of the new year, originally streamed live on Sunday, January 3, 2016 via Deep Ellum on Air from the One Eyed Joe Studios in Dallas, Texas.

Welcome back to "the Pit"!  It is a new year and a big one for Star Wars fans!  The Force Awakens is still dominating the box office, toys and collectibles galore continue to appear, and late in the year we get yet another Star Wars film!

Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina kick off 2016 with a look at those intrepid droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.  Not since Bert and Ernie have a constantly squabbling platonic couple so captured the imagination of the public.  What better characters to profile as the Rantcor Pit draws closer to its second anniversary?

This week your hosts are joined by none other than Cole's own mother, Bonnie Roberds!  Yes, mom was in town for the holidays and took in some studio time before her return trip.  Often credited with encouraging her son to take good care of his Star Wars toys, she was an ideal choice for a guest on The Rantcor Pit Live, a show that has seen a lot of the families of both hosts join in the fun. 

So take the path less rocky and enjoy a conversation about two of the most famous robots in the history of automita.  And be sure to tune in to On Air Live on Sunday, January 18 (12 PM to 1 PM Central) for the next exciting episode streaming live with your favorite Star Wars guys!

Rantcor Pit 2016-01-03 by DeepEllumOnAir