Hey Kids, Comics! #165 - Star Spangled Saviors

Citizens!  Citizens!  Hey, kids.

Welcome all you loyal ladies and you patriotic men (with apologies to "Duck Soup") to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston took a week away from the show but are back in business and ready to talk comics.  This time, comic book heroes who embody their nation and its iconography.

From "the captains" such as those of America and Britain to heroes who are the sole representatives of their homeland, many are the super-humans who take up the mantle of nationalism to fight crime or even larger threats.

Your hosts explore a great many angles on the concept of the super-patriot.  From awkward cookie cutter nation-themed characters like those that occurred in Contest of Champions to more developed embodiment-of-a-country characters, there were plenty of heroes to discuss.