Hey Kids, Comics! #170 - The Best Comics We've Ever Played

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 170.

Once more into the breach, fearless listeners!  HKC is back with issue 170:  The Best Comics We've Ever Played.  With Cole off to focus his boundless energy on what is sure to be an amazing All-Con (side quest), Andrew forges new alliances with old friends to continue the journey into the dark heart of all things Comics.  Joined by Hulking Barbarian, Kurt Maksay; and Guileful Gnome Tinkerer, Jordan Waag, the boys attempt to peel back the layers on the topic of Comic Book Games.  From vast fields of RPG to the peaceful valleys of board games this band plows forward to answer important questions like "Why hasn't Kurt played G.U.R.P.'s" and "Why is Heroclix so much like Freemasonry"? 

So velcro on your cape, and set your GM Screen to stun, your adventure begins NOW...well as soon as you hit up the link below

This show gets a little blue, so maybe not so much for kids...yeah?