Hey Kids, Comics! #171 - The "10s" Part One

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 171.

"People Love Top Ten Lists" - Nic

And frankly I can't disagree.  In an issue of HKC, that is equal parts Buzzfeed, and an Improv Experiment, we explore everything from netflix to babes.  There is also a surprising amount of Longshot for some reason.  We are joined by Nic, and record live from Kentucky.  Ample Warning, we are using a new rig, and not all the bugs are worked out, so the sound might get a little wonky at times, just hang in there, and it will be worth your while.

Cole is still out for this one, and just like when your parents go out on a date night, Nic and I raid the liqueur and get a little dirty with it, so put the kids to bed and get ready for the first installment of  the "10s".

Why is there a picture of swamp thing over there?  Click below to listen and find out!

....yes, and!