The Rantcor Pit #47 - The Outer Rim Part One: Movie Nights

Dear Rantcor: Sorry for the delay, three days late may not seem like much, but I do like to try to hit the marks more often than not.  - JediCole
Greetings, Outlander.  Welcome to a special Rantcor Pit Trilogy that explores the myriad times that Star Wars left the confines of that Galaxy Far, Far Away and wound up, directly or in reference, on the big screen in somebody else's movie.

In celebration of the latest anniversary of Fanboys, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina discuss not only this celebration of Star Wars in a feature film, but other movies that give a nod or wink to the Saga, parody or reference, or also show their love of Star Wars as that popular little indy film had done in 2009.  

Personal favorites, half-forgotten movie memories, and reminisces of subtle little "things Star Wars" on the silver screen are the stuff of this show.  While not a comprehensive look at such references, there are plenty of memories shared from Armageddon to Zack and Miri Make a Porno!