Hey Kids, Comics! #172 - The "10s" Part Two

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 172.

We are back, dear listeners, to once again navigate the stegian void of linear story telling, with Hey Kids, Comics issue 172.  This week we tackle a myriad of topics in the second part of "The 10s".  Nic joins Andrew once again to ask Yes, And to a bushel of top ten topics, and fear not important questions are answered.  We wreck your paradigm with such pressing issues as "is the joker just really attracted to the batman", and "SugarMan?"

Cole is still in the war room for this one, but his influence is all over this issue.  Show your thanks for all his hard work by heading to All-Con this year, and getting involved.  He will return in short order to regale us with tales of entertainment and victory.

Again, this is a rated R show, so out the kids to bed (yeah it's 3 in the afternoon, but you know you want to), and buckle in for part two of THE 10s!

His name is Kevin Spacey