Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Superman . Batman: Dawn of Justice

Lookie!  "Whadjathink?" is back!  Well, sort of.  

This week (even if a few days late), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are taking a week away from the current story arc to catch up on scheduling and some issues with the JCU site.  So the timing was ideal (especially since it gave most folks time to go see the movie) to air a special they recorded with Mrs. JediCole on the subject of "Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice"!

Presented as a crossover between this show and the long out of production "Whadjathink?", Mrs. JediCole joins the critical review and discussion of the Zach Snyder epic.  The good, the bad, the just a little to Snyder-y, it's all here.

Find out what three seasoned JCU podcasters thought of the first universe-building chapter of Warner Brothers' overdue attempt to cash in on what Disney and Marvel have been raking in the dough in Uncle Scrooge-like proportions for years.  Was it all as bad as the professional critics would have led us to believe?  Was it just kind of bad?  Was there anything redeeming in this picture?  Was it actually kind of good?  

These and other questions are answered as your hosts tackle ups and downs of this blockbuster that are so prevalent as to seem like a Superman tall building hurdle race!  This is a spoiler-rich episode for the handful of people who have not seen the movie.  You have been warned!