Hey Kids, Comics! #181 - Comic Book Capers: The Curious Case of Anthony Chiofalo

Welcome to the end of Comic Book Capers!  In this final chapter your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at one of the oddest criminal cases that you could possibly imagine.

What begins as an embezzlement scheme descends into madness, obsession...and comics!  

This is the story of Anthony Chiofalo, his crimes, and his strange approach to spending his ill-gotten gains.  This includes some of the rarest and most expensive comics known.  But his story is just part of the the larger story of embezzled funds, inexplicable laundering, delusion, and temptation.

This is a story within a story full of mystery and crime that you simply do not want to miss!  Bid farewell to the latest story arc in the best way possible with the odd tale that inspired all four issues that preceded this one.