Hey Kids, Comics! #182 - Summer Fun 2016: This Answers Everything

After a rather heavy story arc, it is time for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to join the masses of comic fans on the internet who are just lookin' for answers...
When the need for answers to the burning questions "who would win in a fight between?", "which super hero is the smartest?", or even "which publisher is better, DC or Marvel?" it seems many turn to Yahoo! Answers!  This modern Oracle of Delphi acts as a beacon of (potential) truth to the weary traveler on the road to understanding comics.

And so it came to pass that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston arrived to glean from this publicly sourced font of knowledge to find inspiration for week's issue of the show.  

Enjoy a carefully selected blend of comic book related questions posed to the denizens of the internet via Yahoo and discover what Andy and Cole have to say in response as well as a sampling of the actual answers that each query received.