Hey Kids, Comics! #183 - Fail Hydra!

While Hey Kids, Comics! is not exactly the source for breaking comics news, next week's upcoming issues of interest, or the next big scoop in the industry, every now and then something comes along that needs coverage right away, in the moment.  Such is the case with the "Captain America was a Hydra agent all along!!!" revelation.

"I love it when a plan comes together...75 years later!"
Hosts Andrew Farmer and (especially) Cole Houston share thoughts, insights, and even disdain in an issue-length discussion of Steve Rogers:  Captain America.  Flash in the pan cash grab or a genuine universe-shattering event?  The latest internet sweetheart of comics has spawned many a click-bait article and Facebook meme, so the HKC! boys felt it needed to be examined for substance.

Love or hate this new twist on Marvel's oldest and most famous hero, you are bound to find this one of the most engaging episodes of the show in its history.  JediCole's in depth justification for Hydra's master stroke alone is worth the price of admission!

"It'll be SO worth it!"