The Rantcor Pit #49 - Mythic Proportions: The Lightsaber Excalibur

The legend (or legends) continue!  On the last regular episode of The Rantcor Pit, hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina finalize the two-part exploration of the mythological elements that can be found within the Star Wars Saga.

Special guest Kelly "Kelly of the Lake" Long returns to the show to add her special brand of knowledge of the Classics to the proceedings.  Episode 7 becomes the focal point of a look at that film through the lens of the folkloric King Arthur Cycle.

The legendary greatest king of England's own rich history lends itself nicely to analogues that occur in The Force Awakens, even if solely by accident.  Such is the nature of the mythology of contemporary society.  What parallels await?  Listen and discover for yourself, friends!