Hey Kids, Comics! #184 - The Doctor Is In or (Under a Banana Flavored Sun)

There are doctors and there are doctors.  In comics there are even "doctors".  As any comic fan knows, there is always a doctor in the house when it comes to the heroes and villains that people your favorite comic titles.

Demonicus, Regulus, Weird, Alchemy, and Octopus!  Oh my!
Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston make the rounds with more doctors than your local hospital.  From the obvious players like good ol' Doc' Ock' to the more obscure like Howard the Duck's own Doctor Bong.  (As in the sound of a bell, not THAT kind of bong!)  From real doctors who become super-heroes and villains to those who add a level of cool to their sobriquet by virtue of a tack-on title, there were plenty of characters from which to choose.

Andrew's Favorite Mystics
Scientists, M.D.s, professors, and more have gone into heroism or villainy without utilizing the title they spent so much time in the halls of academia to achieve while others just couldn't drop the doctorate.  Others favored Doctor over "Mister" or "Count" or "Master of" in their name.  With such a volume of doctors to choose from, the field had to be narrowed, but nearly all get at least a mention.

Doing their "doctor thing" to varied effect.
Find out which comic book doctors your hosts like best.  Learn about the hero/villain doctor community.  Discover which well known master of the monologue would make a great patient for a certain super-hero psychoanalyst, what villains sought doctoral degrees, and why Dr. Strange turned his back on medicine.  No, really.

So make an appointment now to see the doctors because all of them are really "in"!

Oh yeah, you thought of this, too!