Hey Kids, Comics! #213 - Psi-Fi: Heavy Hitters

The power of the mind is the thing again this week (even if JediCole's old-man-brain managed to forget to post the show on Friday) as Psi-Fi continues.  This time exploring the biggest mental power players in comics.


When it comes to psionics, some just have it better than others.  A LOT better.  Powers that not only boggle, but control the minds of others.  Or powers that tap into telekinesis to manipulate matter on scales large, small, and even colossal!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston try to get their minds around the uber-powerful minds of some of the mightiest psionics.  


Discover the power players of psionics and delve deeper into the definitions and "species" of such powers with a pair who are discovering the nature of this topic right along with you!