Hey Kids, Comics! #214 - Psi-Fi: Countermeasures

As Psi-Fi draws closer to its conclusion, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston seek to reconcile the incredible power of the mind (in comics) with some means to counteract such power.  Is "fighting fire with fire the only option?

For every action there should be an equal and opposite reaction.  But when the very laws of nature can be defied at will, that becomes a different story.  Your hosts explore the ways that different writers have approached the problem of keeping psionics in check or eliminating the power all together. 

No easy task to be sure.  From technologies to utilization of other psionics to the old "writer's shoulder shrug" that makes anything possible, the ways in which super powers are counteracted have been myriad.  Sometimes brilliant, sometimes laughable, the penultimate issue of this arc explores as many your hosts could conjure.  This includes determining what hope the non-powered have against a psi-attack!