Hey Kids, Comics! #223 - Sole Survivors

"Hey Kids, Comics! is back in the saddle with the return of the Friday release!

"Last Sons and Last Daughters of" are remarkably commonplace in comics.  So much so that hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston just had to follow up last issue's pairings with an exploration of universal orphans. It's not easy to live 

It's not easy to live as the only remaining individual from your planet or the last of your species.  Many a super-hero (and indeed villain) carry that burden...and some will remind you every chance they get.  Whether by accident or design, force of nature or force of man, there is always somebody who manages to escape the fate of their kind only to enjoy (or suffer) a different kind of fate entirely.

From the Last Son of Krypton to many a Herald of Galactus and everywhere in between, HKC! brings you those who are, or thought they were until survivor inflation set in) the last of their kind...