Hey Kids, Comics! #222 - Two of a Kind

Still running a touch behind here, folks, but #223 is already in the can so look for things to return to normal on Friday.

In the meantime, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston look into the comic hero team-ups that endure.  Not the "Marvel-Two-in-One" single story pairings, but rather those of the "World's Finest" variety.

For decades, a prevailing theme in comics has been the team-up.  From full scale teams like the Avengers to those "hard traveling heroes, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, pooling resources is always the best approach.  One of the most compelling teams has long been the pairing of two existing heroes in a "buddy picture" dynamic.


Join your hosts on a special journey through some of the top team-ups-of-two in the history of comics.  Some playful, some deadly serious, all amazing as part of one of the enduring concepts in super-hero narratives.