Hey Kids, Comics #221 - That Moment When

The "Hey Kids, Comics!" posts on the JCU are nearly caught up!

There are times when a comic book becomes more than just another monthly chapter of illustrated narrative.  At their best, comics can be thought-provoking, alter our mood, or speak to us on a deeply personal level.  

These and other such personal experiences are on the collective mind of your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston this week.  In a special and most reflective issue of the show, they talk about those moments when a comic book story gave them pause.

Be warned!  This issue can be rather spoiler-rich as your hosts take a serious look at a handful of instances where a comic gave them chills or caused them to stop reading to take in the "wow" all that a few panels contained beyond the obvious.  "Saga of the Swamp Thing", "Countdown to Infinite Crisis", "Watchmen", "Saga" "Identity Crisis", and even some of the Wolfman/Perez run on "The New Teen Titans" are among the titles and stories discussed.  Beware of spoilers!