Hey Kids, Comics! #230 - Period Pieces: The Time Before Time

Go back in time with Hey Kids, Comics! and the latest story arc!  In this case, hundreds of millions of years back in time!

From Anthro and Turok - Son of Stone to the paleo-art masterpiece "Age of Reptiles", Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston dig deep into prehistory to unearth comics that take place in the age of dinosaurs and of prehistoric man.  Joining them on this paleolithic adventure is none other than Eddie Medina of The Rantcor Pit!


Tor, Anthro, Moon Boy, and other ancestral men are the heroes of tales from the distant past in their respective comic book universes.  Sometimes bordering on a fanciful sense of period accuracy, most tend to have man an dinosaur mingle.  The enduring appeal of the animals that walked the Earth when the continents were connected and giants strode the surface of a planet inspire comic readers and the hosts of this very show.


So popular are these denizens of the ancient world that they tend to find themselves in more contemporary, or even future, settings - fodder for a future episode.  For now, it is the Cambrian to the Pleistocene Eras that truly drive the slice of (pre-)history examined in this fascinating hour.