Hey Kids, Comics! #231 - Period Pieces: Drawn Like an Egyptian

Moving forward in their journey back in time, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, that of the Egypt of Antiquity. 

Journey down the Nile in the age of the Pharaohs and the building of the pyramids as your hosts seek out this period of world history as depicted in comics.  Concentrating primarily on the past, this issue of the show does cast an eye to the present as well to explore the influence of the Ancients on modern comic characters. 

From the mystical origins of Hawkman and Black Adam to they mystical origins of the Living Mummy and beyond, there is an allure to Egypt that is as much a part of comics as any examined in this arc.  Expect plenty of mystic origins, gods and goddesses, and even a little of d'Nile!

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