Hey Kids, Comics! #237 - Summer Fun 2017

Welcome to an issue that has been long awaited by your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, the annual Summer Fun edition!

This year the fun takes on a whole new twist as special guest Nathan Cochenour brings his unique brand of wit to the proceedings.  This young mental athlete takes on a Herculean set of tasks as challenged by the minds behind HKC!

How will he fare against such conundrums as Yahoo! Answers, sorting real and fake comic book characters, and an "Old Hollywood" favorite known as Pitch Man?

Well half the fun - more than half, actually - is finding out for yourself by listening to this hilarious, off-the-rails episode of the JCU's weekly comic book extravaganza.  Next week things return to normal, after all.

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Also find out what the Hell THIS is all about!