The Rantcor Pit #68 - Hey Hasbro! (Part 2: Back in Black)

Note:  When originally recorded, this episode was mistakenly referred to as #67.


The Rantcor toy wish list just keeps on coming!  For one more episode anyway.  

Both of your hosts are not only steeped in "The Star Wars", they also love them some Star Wars toys.  As avid collectors since childhood, they both have a dog in the fight when it comes to action figures from Hasbro that have yet to see the light of day.  Given the rich variety of the source material, it is little wonder that they had to expand this topic into two episodes!  This one, ideally, delving into the Black Series 6" figure line.  Mostly.

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The entire Saga is open season when it comes to the choices of characters and creatures Cole Houston and Eddie Medina would snatch up in action figure form.  With even more movies on the horizon excitement is high for them both, but there is also some cautious optimism.   Find out what ELSE they would love to see Hasbro produce in the coming years beyond just "The Last Jedi" and the upcoming solo "Han Solo" film characters.

Hey Hasbro!  The Rantcor Pit has spoken!  Now it's time to get these toys on the fast track!


Honorable Mention (since it did not get mentioned on the show):  A great accessory piece to an action figure would be a figurine of a steelpecker from Jakku.