Hey Kids, Comics! #238 - This is NOT a Comic Book Show!

Well of course it's a comic book show, but not this week.  This week it becomes more of a toy show (toys have been a big part of the JCU lately).  There was just too much in the realm of Hasbro's amazing Marvel Legends line announced at SDCC to not devote an issue to some upcoming action figure gold!

From exclusives at Walgreens, Amazon, and Wal-Mart to general releases, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston can't wait for a great many of the figures that are slated to appear in the coming months, a great many on August 1, 2017!

"Thor: Ragnarok", Spider-Man, and Deadpool lines are just some of the goodies teased at San Diego Comic Con.  Find out which ones are the most exciting to your hosts.  Discover what is going to make Marvel Legends based on movies and television so much better going forward.  Listen to the unmitigated glee of two grown men who just want more toys!

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