Hey Kids, Comics! #239 - Cine-Files: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing

Hey Kids, Movies!

Something good.  Some thing bad.  A little of both.   That sums up this opening of a new story arc on HKC!  Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston bid farewell to the summer movie season in the best way they can, by exploring the super-hero and comic genre in American cinema.

We've come a long way bringing the super-hero to the big screen.  As technology and materials caught up to the often impossible world of the comic book character, the bigger hurdle would become exactly what, from the movie studio standpoint, to do with these properties.  More often than not the answer would be just to waste good characters on bad screenplays and lackluster actors.   

Times did change and the genre came of its own, hence the arc to come.  In this initial issue, the rise of the comic movie is explored in advance of the next few issues concentrating on specific franchises that shaped the modern comic book movie.