Hey Kids, Comics! #234 - Period Pieces: The Wild, Wild Best

Howdy, pardner!  Welcome to the final chapter of this here "Period Pieces" story arc.  Fast Draw Farmer and Sith-Gun Kid Houston are a ridin' into town to talk up the Western genre of comic books.

Tales of the untamed West are popular in every medium, and comics are no exception.  Your hosts embark on this favorite aspect of Americana with the duly deputized help of Shawn Padilla, a member of the All-Con Games and Theory show host team.

Delving into the rich history of Western history in comics like so many prospectors during the Gold Rush, a different kind of gold is discovered in this issue.  While synonymous with super-heroes, Marvel and DC Comics both have a sizable corral of wild west heroes that become the focus of the show.

So grab your six guns and your rifle, saddle up your best horse, and hit the trail as the Western period becomes the final stop on this long journey through time...in comics.