Hey Kids, Comics! #242 - Cine-Files: DCisions, DCisions


Welcome to the penultimate issue of Cine-Files, HKC!'s look at the modern comic book movie.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston continue to explore the super-hero on film, turning their attentions this week on DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

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Seemingly in spite of a goldmine of bankable character properties and potential franchises, Warner Brothers continues to limp along at the box office when it comes to feature films based on DC heroes.  Eschewing the slow burn formula employed by Marvel, the studio still embraces their rush to the Justice League and a string of solo films to follow.

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Puzzling through this trend, your hosts are joined by none other than the Vebabomber himself, PJ Dunn!  With ample insights and a critical eye, PJ hops headlong into the fray and many a question about what is up at Warner Brothers, especially of late, is bandied about.  Discover what came of this very different conversation about super-heroes and the big screen.

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