Hey Kids, Comics! #243 - Cine-Files: Straight Outta Comics


We arrive at long last at the final issue of the Cine-Files story arc.  It has been quite a journey through comic books and the cinema.  For a change of pace, this issue takes a different approach to the theme, focusing on movies that are like comic books but not based on any specific existing property.


Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston bring you a variety of movies that fit the topic, from the obvious to the unique.  They are joined in this pursuit by Eddie Medina of The Rantcor Pit Live.  


From the obvious to the truly obscure to those films that just feel like a comic story, the variety of movies covered is as diverse as the reasons they were considered for inclusion in the discussion.  Enjoy this curious take on the comic book and super hero genre when there is no source material from which the plots are drawn.