Hey Kids, Comics! #245 - The Full Bronty


Dinosaurs.  Latin for "terrible lizards".  Though despite the connotations of the word these long-extinct animals have fascinated the world and for centuries.  Is it any surprise, then, that they are staples of the comics?


This week Andrew Farmer indulges JediCole Houston's lifelong love of all prehistoric life with an issue that concentrates on dinosaurs in comics.  While a prior show did explore the bygone epochs that spawned these mighty beasts, more often than not they occur in comics not in the primeval past but in the present day, or on alien worlds, or through the machinations of science. 


Join your hosts on an exploration of Dinosaur Island, the Savage Land, and the Xenozoic Age.  Meet intrepid time travelers, sentient anthropomorphic dinosaurs, and the unfortunate individuals who unexpectedly come face to face with dinosaurs not in a Michael Crichton novel.  There is something here for every enthusiast of the age of reptiles!