Hey Kids, Comics! #244 - Comics...the Final Frontier


They used to say that an inker was just a tracer and that comics are just for kids.  But an inker adds depth and texture, and comics are graphic fiction.  Do you think that Jack Kirby hadn’t collaborated with Stan Lee the we would have ever got Watchmen?  That’s like saying that you wish you just had Little Lulu and Jughead’s Double Digest like your great-great-great grandfather used to.  Hey Kids, Comics! Is in command of this podcast.  Andrew and Cole could fall back on this, but won’t even if such comics had not potential to expand minds or push boundaries, but instead will point out the potential for the advancement of comics as an art form.  Comics!  Coimcs are our business!  That’s what this show is all about!  That’s why you are here!


Welcome to a very Star Trek issue of HKC! in which Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston pay tribute to STar Trek on the occasion of it's 51st birthday!  From Gold Key to IDW, the various incarnations of Gene Roddenberry's greatest work has enjoyed a nearly non-stop comic book presence.


Lifelong Star Trek fan Catherine Houston joins the lively discussion of the varied incarnations of Star Trek in comics as well as on screens large and small.  So beam up this great episode, pour up a flagon of Saurian brandy, and join the fun in the final frontier.