The Rantcor Pit Live (and Where to Find It)


Perhaps you have picked up or been given one of the trading cards that have been produced for The Rantcor Pit Live.  Or maybe you have heard of the show from other fans of "The Star Wars".  Then again maybe this is the first you have heard of the twice-monthly live-streaming Star Wars video podcast originating from Dallas, Texas.


Regardless of how you found out about the show, it is not generally obvious, from the JCU website, where to find the live show and its archive of all but the one "lost episode".  To rectify this, please check out the graphic below, with art by Rantcor co-host Eddie Medina.


The Rantcor Pit Live


Aisle of Toys

Be sure to check out The Rantcor Pit on YouTube for the full archive of past shows, too! 

 The Rantcor Pit Live YouTube