Hey Kids, Comics! #257 - I Think I'm Turning Japanese: I Go Neo-Tokyo

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The time has come for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to bid a fond farewell to the latest story arc.  On that has, for them, proven both challenging and fulfilling.  In conclusion of their exploration of the influences of Japan on the medium, they would be remiss not to tackle the future as depicted in manga.

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More often than not that future is grim and dystopian.  From the post apocalyptic to the inevitable decline of humanity on a world stripped of all resources.  What inspires this constant in Japanese comics about the future and how has it influenced more than simply the creators comics in other countries?

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These and other facets of futuristic visions in Japanese comics are explored to the best ability of your hosts in the final chapter of a topic that was, in many ways, a mystery to them.

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