Hey Kids, Comics! #294 - Santa's Big Ol' Sack: 2018 Edition

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There is no denying that the Christmas holiday is fast approaching and with it the impending dread of what to give to the comic book fan in your life! With so many possibilities out there - in nearly every price range - it is often difficult to know where to turn for advice, much less the ideal gift.

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Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston know share your dread and annually do something about it, just in time for Christmas. (Frankly some years are more “just in time” than others, this being one of them.) So grab your “Nice List” and tune in this week’s HKC! for plenty of great gift choices that are certain to make any fan happy to find them under the tree this year!

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No images of the gifts suggested are provided this year in the interest of keeping them fresh and surprising.

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