Hey Kids, Comics! #295 - It's Not Easy Being Green: Green Lantern is Magic!

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The 300th issue of the show draws ever closer as the latest story arc begins! This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston launch a five-part exploration of Green Lantern and the many incarnations thereof.

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Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is the focus of this issue. With a mystical power source and a flamboyant costume, he fought crime and helped establish the Justice Society in a simpler era of comic book history.

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While the Green Lantern is an icon of DC Comics past and present, the true origins of the character lie elsewhere! Listen to Cole get blown away by such insights and Andrew get “Martha’d” into realizing an aspect of the original GL is not a bad idea after all, even if it is a retcon! All of this and so much more in a discussion of a grossly underrated super-hero.

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