Hey Kids, Comics! #299 - It's Not Easy Being Green: In Brightest Day

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Welcome Green Lantern fans (and comic book fans, or fans of Hey Kids, Comics! for that matter) to the last issue of 2018. At least the last published on Podbean in 2018. “It’s Not Easy Being Green” concludes with your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss the high points in the career of Hal Jordan and other members of the Corps.

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An uplifting exploration of the modern Green Lanterns after the previous issue with its down notes, this outing offers some of the best and most fascinating tales. All wrapped up in a willpower generated green gift bow!


Join the fun as Andrew Farmer bids farewell to the arc that was created by JediCole with him in mind. This episode is shows that, at times, it’s easy being green!

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