Hey Kids, Comics! #300 - THIS IS SPARTA!

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Welcome to another epic milestone in the history of HKC! And what better way to celebrate than to get (semi) historical with a look at Frank Miller’s “sword and sandals” opus, “300”?

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Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined, as they are want to be when tackling such a significant topic, by Kelly Long for this issue. Bringing with her as always a fan’s love of the medium and a scholar’s knowledge of the Classical Period, she elevates the first episode of 2019 to lofty, Olympian heights.

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With discussions primarily surrounding the graphic novel and the liberties it took with actual historical knowledge of the Battle of Thermopylae, this show would be remiss not talking up the sepia-toned epic of the big screen. Every angle of “300” is explored in this mini-epic issue of the show.

So grab your shield and spear, your battle cap and bronze helm, and dine in Hell with Hey Kids, Comics!