Hey Kids, Comics! Quarterly #1 - Podcast's Finest


Welcome to the latest addition to the HKC! universe,  Hey Kids, Comics! Quarterly.  This special edition of the show will publish a mere four issues per year, but each will be colossal in both time and content.

000 a1a.jpg

Could there be a better way to launch a new project than in the company of friends?  Certainly not as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston happily join forces with DeNae Cortez and Aaron Prado of the Wonder Twin Powers Activate Show!  Together these two geeky podcasts seek to tackle the massive topic of ten years of Marvel Studios movies!

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Coming from various backgrounds in regard to comic books, as well as the Marvel movies, the conversations are all over the map in this special issue.  Love, hate, and various levels of "meh" are leveled at the bulk of the Marvel cinematic catalog.  Even the top four movies in the opinion of your hosts and their guests are also included in the mix!

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