The Rantcor Pit #70 - Solo Career

Note:  When originally recorded, this episode was mistakenly referred to as #69.


It's the second Sunday of May and something that has not happened in a great long time is back again!  The Rantcor Pit is back on The JediCole Universe after yet another creative hiatus.  Recorded on the night of the world premiere of Disney's new Star Wars Anthology film, "Solo", JediCole Houston and Eddie Medina have made it back to the show that started it all...the audio version!


With the U.S. premiere still nearly two weeks out, Your Favorite Star Wars Guys talk up their anticipation for the movie and all that it may reveal about the history of everyone's favorite scoundrel.

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From casting choices to the battles with directors behind the scenes, there was plenty to discuss about this exciting new chapter in the Star Wars franchise.  And now you can find out what Cole and Eddie have to say before the release with the promise of more afterwards here or on the live show!

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 Non-Spoiler Alert - This being all speculation and general pre-release public knowledge, there are pretty much no spoilers in this episode!

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