Hey Kids, Comics! #272 - Reynolds Rap


While it's been up on Podbean for a few days, this issue of the show was a bit slow arriving to The JediCole Universe due in large part to unforeseen headwinds.  Little wonder since it is the show in which Andrew "Sugar Bear" Farmer and Cole "Pretend Super-Powers" Houston talk about Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool!

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This week your hosts are joined by Wonder Twin Powers Activate Show co-host Aaron Prado!  With three comic and film aficionados on board, you can certainly anticipate some in-depth coverage of Reynolds' journey from the dreadful rendition in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" to the Deadpool of your dreams in two hit solo films.


To call this issue "Spoiler Rich" would be an understatement, so if you haven't seen Deadpool 2 (or Deadpool for that matter), go see this movie (these movies) then return for the show!  Screening the first movie to feature Deadpool is not really a requirement of course.