Hey Kids, Comics! #271 - Rogue-ish I's II: Tangled Web Part 5: Bugle Boy


The time has come at last to reveal the headline-worthy mystery villain that the Rogue-ish I's II storyline has been building toward for the past four issues.  Yes, the most vile, obsessed, and untouchable nemesis of Spider-Man is none other than his alter-ego's boss, J. Jonah Jameson!


Your hosts, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston go it alone on this extra-large edition of the show, which ran a few days late making it onto The JediCole Universe website.


Yes, the infamous Spider-hater has a long career not only blasting Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in the press, but also been actively involved in a staggering number of attempts on the hero's life!  

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Discover how one man's Ahab-like obsession became the stuff of legend in the pages of Marvel Comics.  From the headlines to the tirades, to the automated death machines, old triple-J has a storied history that was too big to contain in a standard one hour issue!