Hey Kids, Comics! #276 - Size Matters Not

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Hey kids!  The show is back at last! 

This issue of the show Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston mimic Steve Martin in the 70s and "get small"!  But then one kind of has to when approaching the subject of Ant-Man on the big screen!  

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You are now entering Spoiler Territory!  

The Rantcor Pit Live's intern and the JCU's resident movie buff Stephen Fett joins a lively discussion on what all three feel is one of the best movies in the ten year history of Marvel Studios.  Holding nothing back, they talk about a lot of aspects of the film that you might want to see for yourself before hearing their words.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp provides all of the elements of an ideal super-hero film with action, over the top characters, a sprinkling of humor, plenty of things for comic fans to hang their hat on, and, in the end, a story about family.  So join the HKC! family as they look at the tiny details of a really big movie!

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