Hey Kids, Comics! #275 - I Don't Know Much About Archie, But I Know What I Like


There are, from time to time, those topics that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston set themselves to task to tackle for this show that leave them wondering if anyone would know the difference if they never did a show on such subjects at all.  The Archie Comics-based television show "Riverdale" is one such subject.  Yet they persevered and used it as a springboard for anther HKC! milestone.

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With a history that spans decades, retooling Archie Andrews and company for modern audiences had to have been a challenge, one accepted and met by the producers of Riverdale.  Turning everything you ever knew or heard about "America's Favorite Teenager" (and technical septuagenarian) on its ear, this show explores the hidden corners of otherwise idyllic small town life.

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Definitely not the life with Archie that so many Americans grew up with, Riverdale presents the iconic gang in a vastly different light that hits its notes with near perfection and avoids the all too common pitfalls of "teen angst" shows of the past.  Enjoy your hosts exploring and coming to grips with a program that invokes a comic book with which they have the most minimal of personal history.

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