Hey Kids, Comics! #278 - Summer Fun 2018: The Diet Coke of Evil

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While "Hey Kids, Comics!" may not have an Annual, well, annually, there are a few things that this show does manage every year like clockwork (ish).  The annual Summer Fun issue is certainly one of those thing and that thing is here now for your fun during the summer!

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Comic books, well, super-hero comic books, are chock-a-block full of the most insidious of evil and dangerous villains.  And then there are those that, as Dr. Evil would say, are the "Diet Coke of Evil".  One little calorie.  Not evil enough.  Try though they may, some folks are just not cut out for the bad guy biz. 

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So it is that this week your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston pull no punches when it comes to exposing, exploring, and poking fun at the worst of the worst, literally, that comics over the years have had to offer.  While all super-villains have high ambitions, not all will be the next Doctor Doom!

The many uniforms of Sportsmaster!

The many uniforms of Sportsmaster!

Enjoy an hour of those who just can't and won't make the grade!  (E+ for Evil)

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With sincere apologies to both Arnim Zola and Doughboy, we simply did not manage to get either into the mix this summer!