The Rantcor Pit #74 - Off the Wall

Note:  When originally recorded this episode was mistakenly referred to as #73.

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Posters.  The paper heralds of so many wonderful things, not the least of which is Star Wars.  Often the movie poster, or one-sheet, was the first glimpse into what was "coming soon" for the Saga.  

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Welcome at last to the third (of four) July episodes of The Rantcor Pit as part of the annual Force of July celebration!  This outing Cole Houston and Eddie Medina take a look at some of their favorite posters of and for Star Wars over the years.  

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From theatrical one-sheets from around the world to promotional posters and fast-food giveaways, your hosts delve into their all time favorites from decades of the medium.  Enjoy this theater of the mind audio exploration of Star Wars posters!

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