Hey Kids, Comics! #281 - Family Reunions: Off the Bat

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Blood does not always make family.  Sometimes there is the family that you choose, or that chooses you.  Welcome to a brand new story arc for HKC!, Family Reunions.  This being a five-issue exploration of some of the comic book families that are comprised more of colleagues and allies than of actual relatives.

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To kick things off, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss one of the largest, oddest, and most loyal families of this kind that can be found, the so-called "Batman Family".

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You don't have to be a Wayne to be a part of this family, or, more often than not, to get an invite down to the Bat-Cave!   From Robin the Boy Wonder(s) to a certain deformed handyman, the oft dysfunctional (no surprise there) Batman Family proves as challenging as it is fascinating to explore.

They are the night!