Hey Kids, Comics! #280 - V for Versus

Fight!  That is the theme, in a sense, for this week's issue of the show.  More specifically, the kind of comic book smack down that began in about 1990.

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Dark Horse Comics' ever-popular "Aliens vs. Predator" would prove such a piece of comic book history as it set off an avalanche of "vs." scenarios that perpetuate to this very day. The cross-company or cross-license comic was by no means new, but it did enjoy a Golden Age that was sparked by the meshing of two movie licenses that seemed made for one another.

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Concentrating on such cross-company or cross license standoffs, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston do battle for an hour with some of the most fascinating (and most eyebrow raising) "Blank vs. Blank" comics ever seen.

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